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I've been looking for a comm like this for ages. It's a pity that it's so inactive though. I hope you manage to find more members sometime.
Here's a comm that I'd like an affiliate for.
It's a fandom community for a series of  books by Catherine Jinks, about a teenager called Pagan Kidrouk, who is a squire to Lord Roland.  They're very different to each other but have a very unique relationship. Here are some things that we cover, that might make some people want to affiliate with us.
It's a book fandom.
It's an obscure fandom.
It's an Australian author.
It's set in Jerusalem, and then France, in castles and monasteries and warzones.
We write slash. There's a canonically gay character as well.
It's historical (set in the 1180s), and is about the Crusades.
The books involve ideas about religion.
It's a young adult novel.
It has a mixed race main character.
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